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Please follow the instructions below for at least 10 days, to ensure proper healing from the procedure:

  • No make-up application on the brows

  • No sun tanning, swimming, or excessive sweating

  • No soap, moisturizer, makeup, creams, or sunscreen on the brow area

  • Do not rub or pick any dry flaky skin/scabs

  • Do not touch treated area unless for cleaning purposing

  • Apply a very small amount of ointment provided to you morning and night

  • Should any signs of infection occur, please seek medical advice

*It is very important that you wash the eyebrow area once a day (very gently) during the next 7-10 days as it heals. Do not rub brows to dry them, please gently pat dry with a clean cloth or tissue.

What you will notice in the next 7-10 days: 

  • Redness is normal for the first few days. To relieve the swelling, you can ice the area with soft gel ice packs

  • Slight stinging sensation in the first few days is also normal

  • Eyebrows will start to form scab and they might look dark and thick. As the skin heals, the scabs will fall off in random pieces throughout the brow and might look patchy throughout the week

  • Flaking and crusting of the skin may occur

  • the colour will fade up to 50% when the scabs fall off. This is completely normal. Do not feel discouraged if the fading is more than you expected. The color will become darker 1-2 weeks after ALL the scabs fall off. The size of the brows will also reduce by 1-2mm. 

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